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1.此次升级包括IOS app,Android app,PC端以及固件,如果发现升级后某些功能出现异常,请确保以上各个版本同步更新至最新版本。


Recently we had done important security upgrade to Yoosee series network camera. Kindly remind all Yoosee users,please pay attention to below items in the process of upgrading:
1.The upgrade including IOS app,Android app,PC and firmware. If you find certain function is abnormal after upgrading, please be sure that above each version is updated to the latest version.
2.The upgrade is mainly to strengthen network security level.The new password must be a combination of letters and numbers.If the users forget the original password,please reset the camera and add it again online.
3.The latest client-side software can be downloaded at www.yoosee.co, the firmware can be a key upgraded to the latest version by App. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the upgrading.Any questions,please kindly contact us and send e-mail to support@gwell.cc. We will serve you quickly.

Yoosee Team.
25th December 2015